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Amethyst Academies Trust Free School Application

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We need your support to demonstrate to the department of education that there is sufficient demand for our proposed school and that parents have made an informed choice. Once you have read this through this page please fill in the form below to indicate whether you would choose this school for your child/children if our application is successful. If you provide contact details we will keep you updated with developments.

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Why a new School?

There are already many schools in the Wolverhampton area so why do we want to build another one? 

Wolverhampton is in a high growth area with upwards of 3,000 homes planned for Wolverhampton and surrounding areas over the next 5 years.

By 2023 demand for secondary school places will be at 105.7% and demand for good our outstanding schools could potentially be higher than 154% leaving over 1/3 of all Wolverhampton students in a school that is not rated Good or Outstanding.

This is something that we do not want for the children of Wolverhampton. 


We are proposing to build a school as close to the city centre as possible as this is an area that has a proven need for good or outstanding secondary schools and be as accessible to families as possible while not directly impinging on the intake of local schools.

A city centre location would allow children from all areas of Wolverhampton easy access to the school via the bus, train and metro stations.

Your Support

We need your support to demonstrate to the department of education that there is sufficient demand for our proposed school and that parents have made an informed choice. Once you have read this leaflet please follow the link and fill in the form below to indicate whether you would choose this school for your child/children if our application is successful. If you provide contact details we will keep you updated with developments.

The information you supply will remain completely confidential and will not be shared with anybody except the DfE as evidence of support. Your indication of preference in not binding had has no bearing on the Local Authority admissions process.


The age range of the school will be 11-16 and will open in 2023. Entry will initially be via year 7 and subsequent intakes will be at year 7.

Students will also have access to the Amethyst Academies Trust 6th form centre based at Aldersley High School in Pendeford.

Secondary Level: number of pupils: 1050

Our Vision

Addressing the Disadvantage Gap


In 2015, Wolverhampton was the 17th most deprived of 326 English Local Authorities, a worsening trend from the previous measure in 2010.

Our vision is for an outstanding 11 to 16 school which delivers provision as part of the ‘city of learning’ as envisioned by Wolverhampton City Council with an ethos of high expectations for every child, one which strives for equality in terms of access to the same opportunities and knowledge whilst also providing bespoke intervention to ensure all needs are met.

The Trust currently serves a diverse range of families in the local communities of Moreton School and Aldersley High School and will continue to embrace the diversity of the city with the same open arms and opportunities, respecting the beliefs of all.

There is a national increase in the amount of young people suffering from mental health issues and through the established systems of Student Leadership, and the HeadStart Programme, even the most vulnerable children in our Trust School will have a voice to not only air their own concerns, but also air those on behalf of those who might not. Our work in this area to date has worked towards addressing some of the concerns around mental health, particularly around examination year groups and will ensure that students in the new school will be supported and feel involved and empowered in their own educational journey.

It is of great concern that the health and wellbeing of children in Wolverhampton is worse than the England average: 59% of the primary and secondary schools in Wolverhampton are in the most deprived areas nationally. Access to funds that support outdoor activities and opportunities are rare for our families, the Trust’s belief in such schemes as Forest Schools and Duke of Edinburgh will help to encourage both mental and physical health.

We will ensure that any students starting in year seven with standards of literacy and numeracy that fall below the expected standard are supported in bespoke sessions, following the SRA model which has widely recognised impact, which will in turn work to rapidly address these short falls, in order that they can better access the key stage three curriculum.

In time, we anticipate that the success of the Amethyst Academies Trust, will result in us becoming a National Lead School, that participates regularly in educational research and reform, enabling us to work alongside established Teaching Schools in the local area, to build capacity for children across the city to all access outstanding levels of education.

Our aim is not simply to address the need for more school places, but more to enhance the lives and opportunities of the young people it will serve, so that they in turn can enhance their communities.

Our Curriculum

The Trust are at the forefront of the drive towards a Knowledge Rich Curriculum, and are currently working alongside the Midlands Knowledge Hub and its stakeholders, to share good practice and professional research around the impact of such approaches in raising the attainment and progress of students. Our curriculum has been developed calling on the highest standards of subject expertise, to ensure that the highest professional standards and understanding have gone into creating an all-through curriculum that will expose every student, including the most vulnerable, to the professional expertise of its teachers and the wealth of essential knowledge they need in order to be successful in a range of subjects. The broad offer will follow that of the National Curriculum, ensuring that students at the end of their formal education, will be able to compete on a level playing field with their peers. At the same time as replicating the Trust’s vision of a wholly inclusive education, with emphasis on the Ebacc suite of qualifications supported by a wider arts and vocational curriculum offer. This comprehensive curriculum will also include timetabled Forest School and Duke of Edinburgh sessions, which we feel are essential in building the confidence, resilience and aspirations of every student.

Our curriculum will follow a system of stages allowing students to move key knowledge to their long term working memories, increasing their ability to access such knowledge as they tackle increasingly complex problems and scenarios. Lessons will start with the Revisiting Phase, where prior knowledge, from not only the pervious lesson, but from earlier years and key stages is tested in order to eradicate the 90% drop in retention experienced after a 60 day period. The following Knowledge Phase will feature teacher modelling and clear explanation with expert questioning to assess and deepen the students’ understanding during this vital part of the lesson. The latter part of the learning phase will see students consolidating their understanding followed by an Application Phase where they apply their new knowledge and skills and eventually a Testing Phase.

Staff will deliver essential knowledge in an environment where students are supported in such a way that all experience the joys of a classical education coupled with contemporary subjects exposing students to elements of vocational education, including design and technology, business and computer science. The teachers, as subject experts, will be well-regarded across the Trust and teacher recruitment will ensure that these high standards are maintained. The school day itself will run from 8.30 – 4.30pm to include a wide range of enrichment activities after school. The curriculum will be supported by established services and systems that ensure learning time is maximised and that the learning attitudes of the students reflect the trust and respect to education that the curriculum encourages.

The Trust’s belief in such an approach to education is one that is shared fully with the wider community, through the work of its NLE, SLE and extended team of Lead Practitioners and through open conferences which currently reach out to local school in all phases to share the Trust’s journey and help others to learn from their ongoing experience; with additional mentoring programmes to help support other professionals in forming their own vision towards continued success.

A Word

From Our Executive Head


“Culture is to know the best that has been said and thought” – Matthew Arnold

 At the Amethyst Trust, we believe all pupils, whatever their background, have a right to access the best education The curriculum ensures that pupils are knowledgeable enough about the world around them to transform it in the future.

The education provided at our new Amethyst Free School will be broadly traditional and academically rigorous.  We expect our pupils to be respectful and kind to each other.  We believe that knowledge about the world is central to our pupils’ success. 

– Nicola Davis


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